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BD Rebuilder v0 50 04

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Programas BD Rebuilder v0 50 04

Datos Técnicos
BD Rebuilder v0.50.04
English | Free | WinALL | 36.53 MB
Una simple herramienta que puede ayudar a los usuarios a reducir el tamaño de un disco Blu-ray

BD Rebuilder fue diseñado como una herramienta sencilla que puede ayudar a los usuarios a reducir el tamaño de un disco Blu-ray con todos los menús y funciones adicionales usando x264 (vídeo H264).
Realiza copias de seguridad del disco Blu-ray, por ejemplo, en un DVDR (de 4.3 o 7.95 GB) o BDR (25 GB). Requiere ffdshow y avisynth. El programa no es un descifrador, así que utiliza AnyDVD para el descifrado de los discos Blu-ray.

Cambios Recientes
February 16th, 2015 – v0.50.04

Added an option to keep play-all sequences to the IMPORT settings. Rarely a disc may contain a structure that can mask some of the wanted playlists/PGCs that appear to be redundant. This option tells BD-RB to list all playlists/PGCs even it one or more may appear to be a “Play All” sequence. You can then remove or keep after reviewing in the menu/title editor.
Corrected an issue in which imported DVD sources with audio delays could create sync issues when a discontinuity is detected.
Fixed an issue in which PGS subtitles that are a result of an import of an MKV were not working when attempting to remux into a DVD format.
Fixed an error that could result in report of “ReencodeAudio() 00009 1801″ on multipart sources that have leading audio anomalies.
Corrected an error in which attempting to do 3D backups in batch mode could result in “Run-time error ’55′: File already open”.
Fixed an error in which 3D sources might experience a “Failed in attempt to multiplex: MUX_MOVIE_ONLY.meta” and “Can’t open file” when rebuilding.
Updated the included version of MKVMERGE and MKVEXTRACT to a newer version (v7.5.0).
Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.