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BD Rebuilder v0 48 03

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BD Rebuilder v0.48.03
English | Free | WinALL | 40.02 MB
Una simple herramienta que puede ayudar a los usuarios a reducir el tamaño de un disco Blu-ray

BD Rebuilder fue diseñado como una herramienta sencilla que puede ayudar a los usuarios a reducir el tamaño de un disco Blu-ray con todos los menús y funciones adicionales usando x264 (vídeo H264).
Realiza copias de seguridad del disco Blu-ray, por ejemplo, en un DVDR (de 4.3 o 7.95 GB) o BDR (25 GB). Requiere ffdshow y avisynth. El programa no es un descifrador, así que utiliza AnyDVD para el descifrado de los discos Blu-ray.

August 28th, 2014 – v0.48.03

Corrected an issue in which ALTERNATE output to DVD was no longer working as of release of v0.48.01 due to HC encoder issues associated with the necessary FFVideoShow seek mode.
Corrected an error that could prevent preview from working when HAALI/FFDSHOW is not installed and DGDecNV or FRIM is selected.
Changed settings so FRIM is used for all previews. This avoids the issue in which attempting to preview with FFVideoSource can pause for a long period while the source is being indexed.
Corrected an issue that could cause encoding of 2D from 3D sources when using ALTERNATE presets to fail.
Added a workaround for incorrectly formatted 3D sources, having shortened M2TS files, that are used for 2D ALTERNATE output.
Fixed an error in the BD import routine that removes audio and subtitle tracks during BD import.
Fixed an issue in which selecting LAVF as the frame server could result in the chapter file not being read and used for encoding.
Other minor corrections and cosmetic fixes.